A New, Shared Adventure

As I wrap Christmas gifts, I am also wrapping up a particularly trying year: 2017. Can you relate? I have heard all too often lately, “Whew! 2017 has been a doozy!” So I know it isn’t just me.

I found myself with a sudden itch for creativity, craving something new and fresh to kick off the new year. I’ve always had an interest in writing, so blogging came straight to mind. I took to Facebook for some suggestions on what kinds of topics to write about and I quickly realized that narrowing it down would not be easy. The suggestions I received were quite varied, yet among them was a pattern that stood out to me like a neon sign pointing the way:

“I love your positivity and life view, so I’m guessing I would read pretty much anything you write.”

“And you have the gift of encouragement too!”

“Seeing joy in every day.”

Yes! Isn’t it just common sense that we could all use more positivity, encouragement, and joy each and every day? Isn’t it even more important after a year like this one?

That’s when the idea for Dilly Dabbler was born. I dreamt of a new blog where family, friends, and other web surfers might find a place to dilly dally among all the many interests that I frequently and enthusiastically dabble in.

If this year has reminded me of anything at all, it’s the importance of shared experiences. That’s what I hope this blog will become: A place to share experiences, to connect, and to bring some light, fun, positivity, encouragement, joy, entertainment, and certainly humor to as many people as possible.

Won’t you please join me on this new, shared adventure? You can follow this blog right here on dillydabbler.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Come on and dabble along!


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