Squat With Us

There is a Squat Challenge making its way around the interwebs. The goal is to do 100 squats per day for 30 days.


I’ve got my #SquadGoals Team assembled for my #SquatGoals for the next 29 days (we started yesterday).

Now, I have a touch of crazy in me, so I decided to hammer out all 100 last night in a single session. I broke it into 2 sets of 50, with high-knee marching in between just to keep the momentum. My first set of 50 was just a standard squat, but for my second set of 50, I did 3-pulse squats. The last mini-set was only a 2-pulse squat since 50 doesn’t divide by 3 evenly.

3-Pulse Squats

  1. Start with legs together, standing tall
  2. Step out with the right foot, about hips width
  3. Squat 3 times
  4. Bring left foot together with the right to stand tall again
  5. Repeat the other direction, stepping out with the left foot first

I’m not the only crazy one. Apparently, there are some crazies in my Squat Squad too (I won’t name names). They are adding 100 crunches and 50 push-ups per day to the challenge for a 30-day total body onslaught!

I’ll just continue to pair my squats with my daily Pilates workout…for now. 😉

Won’t you join us? You can add anything you like to the challenge, but you must do the minimum 100 squats per day for 30 days.

Keep in mind that you can break the 100 squats up however you like. Maybe you want to do 25 when you wake up, 25 at lunch, 25 when you get come from work, and 25 before you go to bed. Maybe you want to be crazy like me and do all 100 in one sitting – no pun intended. You do you, boo!

Make sure to take your before & after photos so you can really see the difference after 30 days!

🎶 Today’s Jam 🎶

“Burnin’ Up (feat. 2 Chainz)” by Jessie J

This one is perfect for your Squat Challenge! You know those thighs and those glutes will be burnin’ up when you’re done!



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